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Rock Band Feature: Harmonix's Top Tips For Drummers | Game | Life from

This is old news, but still relevant to newbies such as myself:

Rock Band Feature: Harmonix's Top Tips For Drummers | Game | Life from

Unfortunately, I will have to silently play in my head tonight, because the other band member is already sleeping and we live in a loft.

Create a Google Talk chatback badge

Just setup this cool badge. Ping me if you see me online, and take a moment to setup your own:

Create a Google Talk chatback badge

Sleepy Boy

I Thought Kobe Didn't Like Decaf..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Waiting to Play Rock Band?

I recently purchased Rock Band in an impulse buy (similar to how I bought the Wii and PS3 this past X-mas). I've never really been big on videogames, and I guess I wanted to see first-hand what all the hype was about.

Both systems are nice, with their respective pros and cons (but that's another post). At first, I bought a bunch of games (mostly for the PS3, and still unopened). I then figured, if I do happen to find time to play games, it will probably be during "Ngan time" (which is anytime I'm not working or visiting with my mom [Hrm.. So when is "Jerry time?"]). So, I bought a game that both Ngan and I could enjoy together. Hence Rock Band - the ultimate party game? We shall see..

Anyway, I was just browsing through some pictures on my phone and stumbled upon this one (I know, I know -- they're not actually looking at the box. Work with me people, heh.). I guess I better go finish up some work, so I can get my gaming on.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What a Roller Coaster

Last week was a pretty tough week for me, but even more so for my mom. Long story short, she was in the ICU for six long days. Most of the time she was sedated, intubated, and on a respirator -- tough sight to handle for anyone I'm sure. Early on, the doctors thought she wasn't going to make it, and recommended that I start contacting family. The whole time I felt a bit helpless, wishing I could do something for her. Alas, I could only stay with her, wait for any updates, and and hope that her condition would improve. As the days progressed, I'm glad to say it did!

Anyway, here are a couple of pics that make me think, "from zero to hero":

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Google to Store Patients' Health Records: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Google to Store Patients' Health Records: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Currently, I'm having to deal with some issues for my mom, where having this information readily available would be very helpful. Needless to say, it's inefficient (and painful) to have to repeat this information over, and over, and over (assuming one can remember or even knows the answers).

Kudos to Google. Sign me up! ;)

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