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Monday, December 03, 2007

Ramping up to Commute by Bike

Well, I'm ramping up to start commuting to work via bike.  Actually, I'll be taking a shuttle in the AM and then biking home in the PM (so that I don't stank up the office).  Yesterday Ngan hauled me and my bike to the office and I went for a test ride (thanks babe).  It was tough.  It took me about 1:04 to travel ~15 miles.  I was just proud of myself that I completed it.

Also, it was pretty dark outside so I got to test out my lights (I have the Planetbike Blaze blinky and the Beamer 3;  just placed an order for the Blaze headlight instead, so waiting on that).  Ngan said my blink red light was super bright and highly visible.  So that's reassuring. 

I'm waiting on my Kryptonite Evolution Mini U-lock to arrive, but other than that I think I should be ready to commute starting next week?  I don't really need the lock, but wanted to have it just in case (I can just bring my bike up to my office).

So some may be wondering why I want to commute by bike.  Well, I figure it will be good exercise and I can do my part to preserve the environment.  Plus, it's just something to do.  And I like to do things..  Sometimes.

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